The following blog will examine where one can store wine in their home, how one should store wine, why it may be beneficial to have a wine cellar and what requirements are needed to have a wine cellar. Moreover, if you do not have a wine cellar, investing in a mini wine cooler may benefit you. For example, the siemens wine fridge is a relatively high regarded brand and, therefore, a considerable investment.

Where to store wine at home

If you do not have a wine cellar at home, there are a few other ways one can store their wine. Namely, one can store wine in the fridge, specifically if it is white wine. While this is not the ideal location to place your wine, if you need to store it for a couple of weeks, then storing it in your fridge is the perfect temporary storage space. Furthermore, there are specific wine coolers/fridges manufactured for storing one’s wine. Moreover, you can invest in wine racks that are beneficial in allowing one to store and organise their wine easily.

How to store wine at home

When storing wine at home, there are a few critical criteria to be aware of. Namely, when storing wine, you want to ensure that it is at the correct temperature. While most wines have their ideal temperature, the average temperature to store wine is 12°C.  Furthermore, if your bottle of wine has a cork, you need to ensure that you lay it horizontally, which keeps the cork moist and stops it from becoming brittle and allowing oxygen inside. Moreover, you want to ensure that the area or location you have chosen to store your wine is free from any vibrations or sunlight. Lastly, the room should also have a humidity level of 60%-65% to ensure that the room is not too dry or cold.

Why it’s beneficial to store your wine in a cellar

If you consider installing a wine cellar in your home, here are a few reasons why it may be helpful. Firstly, a wine cellar can manage the humidity and temperature levels that the wines need to age in, ensuring that your wine will not go bad or age horribly. Moreover, a wine cellar provides convenience. Instead of running to the shops to purchase wine, one can take a stroll to their wine cellar and open up a bottle of wine whenever they please. Furthermore, a wine cellar allows one to have organisation amongst their collection. For example, one can organise their wine by year or vineyard. Lastly, a wine cellar could potentially make you some money. One could purchase wine, allow it to age and then re-sell it for a higher price.

What requirements does a wine cellar need

When constructing a wine cellar, a few requirements need to be met for the wine to age correctly. Firstly, the room where you will have your wine cellar needs to be cool and dark. If a room is too humid and there is too much exposure to light, it can begin to alter the components of the wine negatively. Furthermore, there need to be no vibrations present. Therefore place your wine in a room where it can age peacefully without any disturbance or altering the environment.

A wine cellar is an excellent and sound investment when storing one’s wine. But, of course, the correct requirements need to be met for the wine to age correctly and peacefully. Moreover, if you do not have a wine cellar, other storage options are available.

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