Different Ways of Cooking Crabs in San Francisco

There are many different ways of cooking crabs in San Francisco, but these four methods are sure to get your mouth watering. You can find recipes, where to buy your crabs, and seasonal menus. Learn the different ways of cooking crabs and the best places for crab in San Francisco and make your dinner dreams come true! Also, you can try one of our favorite methods of cooking: steaming! Whether you’re cooking crabs for a small group or for an entire table, we’ve got you covered!


To replicate the garlic crab that you’ll find at Crustaceans in San Francisco, there are a few things you can do to make your own version at home. The first step is to heat up the oil in a wok until it’s about three inches deep and 365 degrees. Cooking the crabs for about two to three minutes per side will ensure that they’re done without releasing any of their natural juices. Remove the crabs with a slotted spoon and drain them on paper towels.

Places to buy crabs

Crab lovers have many choices for places to purchase meaty delicacies, which can be found throughout the city. A good place to start is Alioto-Lazio Fish Company in Fisherman’s Wharf. This long-standing, family-owned market is famous for its live crabs. Other seafood and knick-and-ends are also available, and the company also offers shipping.

Seasonal menus

Choosing what to serve with your crab can make or break your dinner. When dining in the city, the best way to savor a delicious crab dinner is with a crab feast. To get the full experience, you should pair the crab with drawn butter, lemon, and plenty of wine. In addition to a crab feast, you can also order a variety of side dishes, including light salads and mild pasta.


Steaming crabs in San Francisco is a local delicacy that is often accompanied by a glass of wine. This delicacy can also be enjoyed with a seafood cocktail. Crabs are often cleaned inside and out and rinsed. Cracked crabs are best cut in half at the joint. They are not edible. If you want to avoid eating the mandibles, don’t touch the gills.

Steaming with clarified butter

Among the simplest seafood recipes in San Francisco, steaming crabs with clarified butter is a traditional favorite. It transforms crab meat and brings out its distinct flavor. Clarified butter is made by cooling regular butter. The butter that remains on top is called “clarified butter.” Adding lemon juice, garlic, parsley, and Worcestershire sauce to the clarified melted fat adds flavor and enhances the crab’s texture.

Hacked crabs

Hacked crabs are an essential part of the local cuisine. There are a few different ways to prepare them. Some people cook them in a variety of ways, ranging from traditional to more exotic. To cook hacked crab, you need a large pot with a lid that is high enough to cover them. Make sure to fill the pot with enough water to cover the crabs. You can also use coarse or kosher salt to season the crabs.

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