An Overview of Full Height Turnstiles

Full Height Turnstiles operate similarly to revolving doors but are much taller. They only let one person pass through at a time and are virtually impossible to crawl under or climb over. If you’re considering purchasing them for your business or residential property, you should get a quote from a security company with more than 15 years of experience.


Full Height Turnstiles can be made to have three or four lanes but are typically single- or dual-lane. They address concerns with pedestrian control and are appropriate for building contexts. They feature 20 signal ports and may be locked at any moment.

Single-lane Full Height Turnstiles are an effective way to control access to buildings or events. These Protogetic turnstiles come with a professional guide for sinking and are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. They have counting, attendance, and current limitation features. Additionally compatible with various access control systems are single-lane full-height turnstiles. For further protection, facial recognition technology may be incorporated into some models.

Full-Height Turnstiles are available with various options for automatic operation. For example, a single-lane turnstile with an automatic closing feature allows users to control pedestrian movement and avoid traffic jams. The mechanical system consists of a chassis, mechanism, encoder, motor reducer, and rotating rod. Once the pedestrian passes through the turnstile, the gate will automatically close, and the turnstile will enter standby mode.

Mechanical system

Full Height Turnstiles are used in areas where strict control is required. They are designed to control pedestrian access and are available in single-lane, dual-lane, three-lane, and four-lane models. Full-height turnstiles can be installed in all kinds of buildings and can solve many problems associated with pedestrian control. The mechanical system can be installed anywhere and feature up to 20 signal interfaces. In addition to its high-performance design, full-height turnstiles are quiet and easy to operate.

Despite its low-cost, high-performance design, Full Height Turnstiles offer an effective means to control pedestrian access in guarded passageways. In addition, they are handy for controlling passenger traffic and are used in secured buildings, such as state offices and paid toilets. Full Height Turnstiles are also an excellent choice for environmental protection and energy-saving applications. And despite their superior quality, they can operate without needing constant maintenance.

Generally used in high-security, strict-control areas, full Height Turnstiles are also available with integrated face recognition and palm print technology for enhanced security. They are also highly suitable for outdoor use and can withstand harsh conditions. They can also be used in places where people’s speed must be limited, such as airports. They are also available with face recognition capabilities, which make them an even more efficient choice.


Full Height Turnstiles are an ideal choice for a variety of high-security environments. They are generally made of stainless steel, powder-coated, or painted steel. These products are made from high-grade materials and are available in single-pass, double-pass, or a combination of both. The series of turnstiles is one example of the wide range of options available to meet various security requirements.

Applications of Full Height Turnstiles vary greatly. They can be used in multiple channels and provide excellent anti-tailing capabilities. These gates are ideal for construction sites, gymnasiums, communities, and high-security environments. Full Height Turnstiles also feature low power consumption and noise, making them a sustainable choice for environmentally friendly applications. They are also straightforward to use, with a simple operation.

Full Height Turnstiles are usually single or dual-lane machines but can be customized to allow three or four lanes of traffic. They can be used in any setting and are suited to high-security and unattended situations. Full Height Turnstiles are available with up to twenty signal interfaces for increased security and efficiency. These gates are ideal for a variety of locations, including stadiums and governmental buildings.

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